We wrote a book!

Eighteen months ago, a scrappy team of technical communicators got together to create what they (we) wanted to see in the world — an approachable book about creating technical documentation for the developers we know and love. There are a lot of times that it isn’t possible to hire a dedicated writer, but that doesn’tContinue reading “We wrote a book!”

Book Launch Day!

You and your team can now buy, rent, or borrow a copy of Docs for Developers. Our team is so excited that this book is out for you to use and share! Our goal in writing this book is to scale our decades of technical writing experience out to the people who need it mostContinue reading “Book Launch Day!”

How to: Error Messages

A well-formed error message has the following elements: A unique identifier A short description of the problem A suggested remediation If you want to be really generous in your error messages, you can also give people a way to report the error from within the error message, or contact support. So how does that lookContinue reading “How to: Error Messages”